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How Discount Divorce and Bankruptcy Can Help You.

We understand that many families cannot afford the high costs of attorneys.

Discount Divorce and Bankruptcy brings an affordable alternative to costly divorce and bankruptcy matters. We understand that many Arizona families cannot afford the high costs of attorneys nor do they want to roll the dice by using self-help documents that will not standup to a  judge's scrutiny.

We are the legal document and case management solution you are looking for.

Discount Divorce and Bankruptcy is the only non-lawyer service in the industry that prepares your legal documents for you AND manages your case from beginning to end.

Discount Divorce and Bankruptcy’s proven track record.

We have successfully handled thousands of family law cases (divorce, legal separation, annulment, child support, parental visitation, custody modifications, and much much more) and chapter 7 bankruptcy matters for Arizona families.

Do you have a covenant marriage?  No problem.

There is only hand full of legal document firms in Arizona that can handle a divorce that involved a covenant marriage and Discount Divorce and Bankruptcy is one of those firms.

Just ask any of our clients how awesome we are.

More people refer their friends and family to us than any other service.

Our clients love us because we understand that the only case that matters is theirs.

Discount Divorce and Bankruptcy is a Charter Member of the AAIP and currently holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau because of our standards in excellence.

NEW.  We now offer mediation services.

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